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Markus Mertens, CEO

Following his vocational training as an industrial clerk, Markus Mertens started working in the marketing department of 3M Germany where his focus lay on medical product sale. Subsequently, he attended to a hotel liquidation in Zurich.

In the years to follow, Markus Mertens became an associate and managing director of Braun GmbH, a contracting business company based in Cologne.

Parallely, he was mandated as an associate with Zimmermann-Mertens Grundstückgesellschaft Immobilieninvestment, a real estate investment company.

In 2001, Markus Mertens founded GITAG and Markus Mertens Asset Management e.K.

Being mandated by an insolvency administrator as an interims manager, Markus Mertens attended to the phase-out of a textile discounter with 150 branches. In addition, he is voluntary member of the Gütergemeinschaft Bau which is representing ca. 500 companies within the construction industry.

Furthermore, he supports Düsseldorfer Industrieclub as well as Fränkische Bankentage as a speaker focussing on topics such as “Chances and Obstacles when Selling or Recovering Non-Performing Industrial Real Estate”.


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